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  31. January 2020.
                         Paper classbooks - gone with a wind

  On 31 January we walked into the classroom carrying a paper classbook, the symbol of our educational
system, for the last time. We are entering the second semester withouth this precious ally and we start using the electronic classbook.


 27. January 2020.
                                                    School Saint Day

 St. Sava, the patron saint of Serbian education, was celebrated in all our schools with festive school events and traditional customs.


 21. January 2020.
 "When pigs fly"

 This is the third educational film produced by our school and teacher Vladan Stojanović. The film deals with changes in the nature through the four seasons. The shooting lasted almost one year, from 14 September 2018 to 13 June 2019. The film features junior classes students from school in Zabrega.




 14. 03. 2017.

  All as one! Exercises implemented under “Start Our Children” project in the classroom of





 14. 03. 2017.
  Today, in the framework of “Always-School Educational Program on Puberty”,

  psychologist Marija Vucetic has given a lecture "Everything you want to know about

  puberty", for the students of 6th grade in Popovac.




 10. 03. 2017.
  Our historians.




 09. 03. 2017.

  School play for March 8th was also prepared by students from Saludovac with their

  teachers. Smiles on the faces of women present were the greatest reward for effort made.




  09. 03. 2017.

  Students of junior grades have, together with their teachers, prepared school plays for

 March 8th for their mothers, grandmothers and sisters. Lots of congratulations, best wishes

 and cheerful acts have made this holiday very joyful.



 07. 03. 2017.
  In a contest for the best poem of elementary school students of Serbia, in the Festival of

  Poetry about vineyards, grapes, wine and winegrowers “Tresnjevica 2017”, students of our

  school have won the following prizes:

  In junior grade competition, 2nd prize was won by Stevan Radisavljevic from Buljane.

  Commendations in this competition were given to: Miljana Krstic 3/1, Nikola Stanojevic

  2/1, Bojana Cacic 4/6, Viktor Ivkovic 4/6, Sofija Mijajlovic 4/4, Snezana Stajic 4/2 and

  Anica Stojadinovic 3/2.

  In the competition of 5th to 8th grade, commendations were given to: Tatjana Nikolic 5/2,

  Andjela Radosevic 7/2, Andrijana Milosavljevic 6/2, and to Aleksandar Milan Markovic. 

  Congratulations to all!

 06. 03. 2017.
  Our school today has organized horizontal training for all teachers of junior grades, in the

  program of vocational specialization “Start Our Children”. Presentation was given by the

  teacher Vesna Zivanovic.

  This is one of the stages of aforementioned training, which has received the status as

  program of public importance, and whose purpose is promoting health and physical

  activity of children, as well as the development of teacher competence to influence their

  proper psychological and physical development.




 06. 03. 2017.

  At the Municipal Competition in History, we achieved excellent results in this year as well:

  Lena Lukic, 5th grade from popovac – 1st place, 3rd rank, Vanja Milenkovic and

  Aleksandra Radojkovic, 5th grade from Stubica – 3rd rank, Nikola Vasic and Bogdan Jevtic,

  6th grade from Popovac and Andrija Savic, 6th grade from Buljane- 3rd rank, Petar Pavlovic

  7th grade from Popovac – 1st place, 3rd rank, Lidija Radosavljevic, 8th grade from Buljane –

   2nd rank.

  Students were mentored by history teacher Dejan Peric.

  Congratulations to all!

 06. 03. 2017.

  At the Municipal Competition in Biology we achieved the following results:

  Vanja Milenkovic 5th grade from Stubica – 2nd rank,

  Valentina Grujic 6th grade from Buljane – 2nd rank,
  Sara Lukic 7th grade from Popovac – 3rd rank,

  Milica Perusinovic 7th grade from Popovac – 3rd rank.

  Students were mentored by biology teacher Zorica Jovanovic.


 06. 03. 2017.

  With the results achieved last year, the right of direct placement in this year’s Regional

  competition “Literary Olympics” was earned by Marko Vasic and teodora Kojic, 8th grade

  from Popovac. Students are mentored by Serbian language teacher Ruzica Stevacnovic.

  Good Luck!

 06. 03. 2017.

  At the Municipal Competition in Chess, 1st place was won by Andjela Ivkovic from

  Saludovac (in the competition of 3rd grade for girls) and Milica Milutinovic from Popovac

  (in the competition of 6th grade for girls.), and Vukan Perusinovic from Popovac won the

  3rd place (in the competition of 6th grade for boys.) Students were mentored by teacher

  Vladan Stojanovic.




 03. 03. 2017.

  Positive work environment.

  Students from Popovac, Buljane and Stubica have gathered together with teacher Dejan

 Peric, to complete final preparations for the Municipal Competition in History, scheduled

 on Sunday. Best of luck to all!




 02. 02. 2017.

  Work Action – cleaning up the schoolyard, students of 7/1 and 8/1, together with teacher





 27. 02. 2017.

  At the Municipal Competition in Mathematics, Djordje Aleksic 3/4 and Ena Aleksic 3/2

  have won 2nd prize, Katarina Antic 3/2 and Lena Lukic 5/1 have won 3rd prize, and

  commendations were given to Sofija Mijajlovic 4/4, Miljana Miletic 4/2, and to Damjan

  Milovanovic 4/3.


 26. 02. 2017.

  Our school hosted the Municipal Competition in Chemistry. Students of 7th and 8th grade

  competed, and the best were rewarded with books and diplomas. All participants were

  given commendations.



 21. 02. 2017.

  Lectures were given at schools in Buljane and Stubica by members of the police, on the

  topic “Safe Childhood”



 21. 02. 2017.

  Students of our school achieved excellent results at the Municipal Competition in Science:

 Veljko Bogic 6/2 won the second prize, and Marija Simic 6/1 won the third prize.

 20. 02. 2017.

  School Competition “Literary Olympics” was held today in Popovac, for the students

  of 7th and 8th grades.




 20. 02. 2017.

  Members of the police have given the lecture on the topic “Safe Childhood” to 5th grade

  students. They talked about a lot of things, and the students got to ask questions in the end.

 14. 02. 2017.

  Students of our school achieved excellent results at the contests held by Center for

  Promoting Health of Institute for Public Health of Serbia “Dr Milan Jovanovic Batut”.

  In the purpose of celebrating “World Food Day” at the contest on the topic “ Health enters

  by way of mouth” (Serbian proverb), our student Stevan Radisavljevic 4/2 won 3rd place

  for literary work (poem) in the category of students from 1st to 6th grade.

  In the purpose of celebrating “World Breastfeeding week” at the contest on the topic

  “Breastfeeding as key of sustainable development”, our student, Andjela Radosevic 7/2,

   won 1st place for literary work (poem) in the category of students from 5th to 8th grade. 

   Poems can be read at institute’s website:

 02. 02. 2017.

  Junior grade students to represent our school at the Municipal Competition in Mathematics


  Katarina Antic 3/2, Nikola Bogdanovic 3/2, Ena Jovanovic 3/2, Djordje Aleksic 3/4.

  Sofija Mijajlovic 4/4, Sofija Jovanovic 4/3, Jovana Ivanovic 4/3, Damjan Milovanovic 4/3,

  Miljana Miletic 4/2, Marko Milojevic 4/3, Filip Ivkovic 4/6, Danica Milojkovic 4/5, Martin

  Rakic 4/3, Lenka Jovanovic 4/1, Aleksandra Veljkovic 4/1

  Best of luck to all!

 31. 01. 2017.

  At this year’s Municipal Competition in Biology our school is to be represented by the

  following students: Vanja Milenkovic 5/3, Andrija Savic 6/2, milica perusinovic 7/1 and

  Sara Lukic 7/1.

  Congratulations to the best and lots of luck at further competition!

 30. 01. 2017.

  At Children’s Theatre Festival of 2016, our school achieved excellent results.

  In senior grades competition, we won 2nd place with the play “The Mute language”. The

  same play was rewarded with Best Scenography Award.

  Awards for leading roles in the same play were given to Nikola Milenkovic 8/3 (for the role

  of The Shepherd) and to Katarina D. Radisavljevic 6/3 (for the role of The Serpent), and

  awards for supporting roles were given to: Katarina Z. Radisavljevic 6/3 ( for the role of

  The Raven), and to Tamara Stajic 5/3 (for the role of The Rooster). Lenka Jovanovic was

  also rewarded (for the role of The Kook) in the play “My mum is a moppet”.

  Congratulations to all!




 27. 01. 2017.




                                    “And now your hymn rings victoriously,

                               Full of bold faith, motion, and direction,
                               This is your love, sent worldwide,
                               Through the atoms of your martyr’s dust,
                               And this living song, as torrential river,
                                Rises straight to you, in the bluest skies,
                                You shall be celebrated, for all times,
                                Our Eternal Joy, St. Sava”

                                           (an ode dedicated to St. Sava, patron saint of Serbian education)


 26. 01. 2017.

  At Children’s Theatre Festival, play “The Mute Language”, performed masterfully by the

  students from Stubica, won 2nd award and the silver cup.

 26. 01. 2017.

  School Competition in Biology for the students of senior grades was held today at school

  in Popovac.




 25. 01. 2017.

  School Competition in Mathematics for the students of 3rd and 4th grades was held today

  at school in Popovac.



 25. 01. 2017.

  Teachers of English Language and History, Tijana and Dejan, have together taught class

  6/1. In this lecture, the contents of two school subjects were intertwined, and lecture was

  about everyday life in medieval period. History teacher taught using historical facts,

  while English Language teacher acquainted students with legends from this historical




 25. 01. 2017.

  Student parliament in session – talking about house rules, dress code, preserving the school

  inventory… Members of parliament will conduct a survey on student behavior at school.



 23. 01. 2017.

  In the anticipation of School Saint Day, teachers Silvana and Vlada have given a thematic

  lecture dedicated to St. Sava for the students of 4th grade from Popovac and Zabrega.



 13. 01. 2017.

  Winter Joy - Students from Zabrega




   November 28. 2016.

                         Meeting in the “CRH“ company

The company CRH in Popovac held a meeting to which attended the director of our school, Snežana Cvejić as well. The objective of the meeting was evaluating the success of projects of the compan, as well as informing the attendees about the needs of community for the coming year.
Our school has been maintaining a very successful collaboration with the cement factory in Popovac for many years. This company is, among other things, engaged in providing finance for the transport of students from Buljane. Our students had the opportunity for the third consecutive year to participate the camp “The School of Friendship“ on Tara. This year the students took part in the „Eco-Day“ manifestation, held in the cement factory, which was dedicated to the preservation of the natural environment. Also, the cement factory plays a crucial role in the professional orientation of tstudents of the 8th grade, for whom it organizes tours aimed at introducing them to the factory plants. Last year the students and employees took part in the “Project Zero“ aimed at bringing the number of fires in community down to zero, which included lectures and exercises on fire protection.




  November 25. 2016.
                             “What do you know about health“

  In this year’s quiz “What do you know about health“ organized by the Red Cross the

  victory was claimed by the team of students of the 6th grade from Stubica. They will

  demonstrate their capacity against the team from elementary school “Stevan Jakovljević“

  on December 9th. We wish them a great luck in the further course of competition.



   Nevember 17/18. 2016.


                                    Red Cross Seminar
                “Safer schools – resilient communities“

   The director of our school Snežana Cvejić and the teachers Dejan Perić and Vladan

   Stojanović attended the Red Cross Seminar of “Safer schools – resilient communities“ that

   was organized in Paraćin on November 17th and 18th. The objective of the project was

   providing the elementary schools with the support by strenghtening their capacity for

   emergencies, including equipping the schools with the missing equipment, an approach for

   identifying weaknesses in the response to the possible emergencies, development of the

   action plans for eliminating the existing weaknesses and adaptation of educational

   materials for students.



                                                         Informatics Week

  On the occasion of Informatics Week, the teacher Tijana Simić held a class in English in the

  IT cabinet. The students of the 6/2 from Buljane had the opportunity to translate the text

  with the help of the online dictionary. The students found this experience very interesting

  and they expressed their hopes for having more such classess in the future.


   Octrober 15. 2016.
                                                            Fruits of Autumn

  Younger elementary students in Buljane prepared with their teachers the Autumn


  The students of the first and third grade in Popovac, with the little help of their parents,

   welcomed Autumn.

  The students of the second grade in Stubica, with the help of their parents and teacher

   Sandra Ilić Rakić, welcomed Autumn.



   October 2016.

                               Celebrating “Children’s Week




   September 23. 2016.

                                                       Mini-Teen Fest

   On this year’s “Mini-Teen Fest“ the students from our school won two third prizes. In the

  “Mini“ category an extraordinary performance was delivered by Sofija Jovanovic 4/3. She

   presented herself with the song “Boasting of the Ladybug“, and her performance was

   accompanied by a dance group composed of the students of the second, third, and fourth

   grade from Stubica, that had been prepared by by the teachers Aleksandra, Svetlana, and

   Sandra. The third place in the “Teen“ category won Martina Petrović 8/3, with the song

   “Life is like a piano“. Martina’s performance was beautified by the dance group from

   Stubica. Anastasija Aranđelović, the last year’s winner, performed in the opening act. All

  performances were accompanied by the group of accompanying vocals, composed of our

  schoolgirls. The performances had been prepared by the teacher Dragoslav Nikolić.

  14th November 2015.

              The Foundation Stone For a New School in Šaludovac

  The foundation stone for a new school in Šaludovac has been laid. The construction of the school is funded by the residents, the municipality and cemen plant.


  18th November 2015. 

The Red Cross Quiz “What do you know about health”

  The Red Cross Quiz “What do you know about health” has been held at school in Popovac. The 6th class students competed in acting, doing puzzles and they were very nervous. The questions haven’t been difficult and the students have shown remarkable level of knowledge. The students from Popovac and Stubica will cross their swords once again. After that, we’ll know which team will represent our school in the continuation of the tournament. Congratulations to all teams!


 30th October 2015.

                   The visit to the Russian school, Russian Home

                            and the Church of the Holy Trinity


  29th October 2015. 

                                  The Lecture on First Aid 

  The representatives of the Red Cross held a short lecture on the first aid measures to 5th and 6th class students in Popovac, Buljane and Stubica. The students took part in exercises that were part of the presentation.

  Besides the fact that the lecture was very interesting, the students realized the importance of knowing the first aid  and they learned how they can help their peers if necessary.


  22nd October 2015.

                                  The Friendship Bracelets

  Our creative and hardworking students from Popovac and Stubica gathered to make bracelets that symbolize the Serbian-Russian friendship. Each bracelet is unique. A lot of love is woven into them, and they symbolize the similarity of our two nations.


  7th October 2015. 

                                            Mini Tini Fest 

  The jubilary tenth “Mini Tini Fest” was held on Wednesday, 7the October 2015. Five soloists and two duets participated in Mini category (1st to 5th class students). The most successful of the seven performed singers was a student of our school Anastasija Aranđelović 4/3. She sang the song “Čekala sam” and won the first prize for interpretation.

  Ten soloists, three duets and one trio participated in Tini category (6th to 8th class students). Our student Martina Petrović 7/3 sang the song “Haker moga srca“ and won the third prize for interpretation.

  Milan Janković 7/1 had a really interesting performance. He sang “Krenuo bih put Rusije“.

  This was the first time that the students of our school won two awards at one contest. Music teacher Dragoslav Nikolić helped the students to prepare for the contest. The schoo teachers Vesna Živanović and Sanja Milojković helped with the choreography and the technical support came from Sandra Milojković and Tatjana Ljubisavljević.

  The professional jury consisted of Jovan Adamov (chairman), Spomenka Jovanović and Irena Simić. The Art director of teh festival was Jovan Adamov and the host was Minja Subota.


   4th October 2015.

                         The Country Dance for the Guinness 

   The event “The Great Country Dance” was held in Novi Sad. The aim of this project was to dance a combination of dances from Serbia in the world’s biggest ring. They danced Užičko kolo, Veliko Bačko kolo and Katanka. Over 12000 country dancers from 250 cultural and artistic associations danced in about 6 km long ring. More than 30 country dancers , the studens of our school from Zabrega, Stubica, Buljane and Bošnjane, entered The Guinness Book of Records! Congratulations!


  21st September 2015.

                                  The Homeland Souvenir

  Making the clay souvenirs decorated with the symbols of our region, brought together the students of all classes. All the school teachers and Art teacher Olivera took part in this activity. The results are more than satisfaying. You’re welcome to take a look at the symbols of our homeland captured in these souvenirs.


  19th September 2015

                               The Children’s Carnival

   The students of junior classes have participated in the Children’s Carnival. The pictures show the  students from Stubica with their teachers.


  17th September 2015

                                     Mosaic of Health

  The old fountain in the schoolyard in Popovac got a new look and a new purpose. Namely, the students from Popovac, with their teachers Zorica and Olivera, planted various herbs in the former fountain. The edges of “the healing garden” have been decorated with a pebbles-made mosaic.